2012-09-02 02:02 am

Just a quick note to say...

...lovin Japan...

If I had an inkling of the language, I'd live here...

But wow, it's a struggle lol...
2012-08-15 10:34 am
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Diabetes test

Anyone know if doing the Atkins diet / low carb diet is going to mess with a diabetes test?

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2012-08-12 12:02 pm

Bicon come down

It's official... You can have have Bicon come down after only one day...

Ho humm :-(

(But it was awesome seeing such a lot of people. And yeah, I've missed the Bicon space...)
2012-08-11 07:39 pm
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(no subject)

Sexuality is less confusing than I am finding Bradford University right now!

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2012-05-17 11:09 am

just out of interest...

...is there an LJ friends tracker any more?
2012-04-12 07:42 am

Depression is a PITA

I swear once the brain has "broken" once, it is broken for life.

I hate waking up with a black cloud over my head, knowinging that you just have to push it aside and get on with a full throttle work life irrespective.

It just makes it more difficult to get traction and keep smiling.

No point in any pills... It doesn't stop the problems...

Hey ho...
First server problem of the day has just called.
2012-03-06 11:17 am

LJ Messaging

It appears replying to replies gets lost.
That's annoying.
2011-12-11 07:18 am

[livejournal.com profile] poannie

Joan Swift - Rest in peace. Thank you for the influence and effect you had in my life. Thank you for being my friend. Take care! x
2011-10-22 07:59 pm

Well, I think I need to RTFM

Just added some "friends" - but don't exactly know if I need to subscribe, add to a circle, track, grant access or what!!

2011-10-12 08:08 pm


Well, downloaded it for me...
Bricked twice so far...

Anyone else?
2011-06-02 10:36 am

Geeky humour for a laugh...

You and your partner are going at it. When your partner is about to cum, what geeky phrase or saying would you want them to scream out right as they orgasm?

Answers so far : Expecto Patronum...

2011-03-23 06:43 pm

iPad 2

Order placed for 1 x 16Gb White iPad2, 1 x 32Gb White 3G iPad2, 1 x 32Gb Black 3G iPad2...
2011-03-19 09:28 pm

Car insurance...

...well, it seems I only post here at the moment to rant...

However... I thought I was getting abused on a monthly basis by Direct Line to the tune of £140 for my car insurance (Ford Mondeo Estate, 2.2TDCi fyi... doing 20K miles a year, 10 years no claims, one ban and 3 points in the past).... As that had leapt up from the £80 I used to pay per month... But due to disorganisation I forgot to hunt around and just had to take the monthly financial drubbing...

This year however, I really do feel like Direct Line are asking permission to bend me over a barrel, pull my pants down and do me with something wooden that has splinters.


My insurance renewal for this coming year is now £280 per month... No circumstances have change *at all*.

£280? What the hell? How do you justify that Direct Line? And thats with discount for being a home owner, a Direct Line home insurance hold, and all the rest...

Time to kiss goodbye to my business for the car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, the whole lot - you are taking the piss!!

Oh - I did phone up to confirm - They said the quote is correct... I asked whether the backers of Direct Line had a Crack and Cocaine habit to keep up (didn't wait for an answer).

2011-03-07 04:47 pm

Well, I had to grab the name

As there is only one Kingginger lol...

But also the LJ adverts are really getting on my wick.

As is the search facility...

Oh, the memories of trawling LJ Friends updates through the day... How near and yet how far was Livejournal away from Twitter or The Facebook?


Anyway... Just bored and killing time...

I wish I had the time to blog...
2010-08-29 08:51 pm

Blackberry = $hit

Seriously... This is like 2 years after my last post...

but I just wanted to exclaim... a) I am still alive

b) Blackberry... Seriously... How are you so $hit in comparison with the rest of the mobile world?

Office 2010 compatability shockingly late... And oh look, two weeks after you give it to us, Desktop Manager 6 Intellisync breaks... For thousands of people.

Why oh why would anyone still consider the Blackberry these days?

I've had to support one for a month and it's driving me fricking crackers.

They really are a poor mobile these days vs the iOS and Android platforms...

Whether they are better than the latest Nokia Exchange fiasco I'm 50/50 on.

Total and utter frustrating crap.

There is a reason I don't waste my life on supporting them - I wish this client hadn't emigrated to Canada so he has to have one.

2008-08-22 07:55 pm

"Brits Who Made The Modern World"

On Channel 5...

Just talking about the game Elite and how it started the 3D game industry.

The memories of the BBC B and how many hours trading, upgrading my ship and the best in game radar going.


Anyone else play Elite?

I want to go find it and play it right now...

Heck, makes me hanker for Wing Commander and Privateer too...

And almost makes me want to play Eve Online (which I guess is the nearest modern equivalent these days).
2008-07-13 09:34 pm

Those that know something of mental health...

...Can sociopathy / psychopathy be treated?

Or something someone lives with?
2008-06-05 03:44 pm

Battery acid...

...strange circumstances in which this happened...

However, getting battery acid all over your hands makes them go soapy - very oddly soapy - this I should have remembered from school science lessons.

To then assume it is a substance identifiable my tasting it I would recommend do not do, your hands may go soapy, but your tongue will burn instantly.

Needless to say I have nicely smooth but slightly flaky hand skin,

And a burn on my tongue the size of a finger print.

Here endeth the lesson.
2008-06-03 05:03 pm


Is there a way to get Firefox (although using v3 Rc0) to re open the tabs automatically like IE 7 does if you close it and then reopen it (after a reboot for instance!)

Am I missing something?

2008-05-27 05:41 pm

If one was shopping for trousers...

...and would normally go to somewhere like M&S for their trousers, but didn't want to go (thanks to the shocking build quality recently)...
...where else would one go...?

Not Tesco, as they aren't big enough...

need to generally carry a 44/46 waist with a 33" leg :-)